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Professor Kyoko Takahashi took part in "Hyogo SDGs Open Innovation" forum.


The university ecosystem "Hyogo SDGs Open Innovation" is to be established as a new demonstration site for university collaboration on the occasion of the Kansai-Osaka Expo, and the Project Start Forum was held on March 22nd at Kobe University's Centennial Rokko Hall in Kobe City as the starting event of the project.


At the Project Start Forum, Professor Kyoko Takahashi, Director of the Institute for Women's Career Advancement and Gender Equality Development, gave a presentation entitled "The Future of Gender Equality!" and introduced some examples of the SDGs initiatives being implemented at the university's guidance for new undergraduate students.


Funa Kakinoki (2nd year, Department of English Language and Culture, Faculty of Letters) and Mako Sumida (2nd year, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Faculty of Pharmacy), both members of the Broadcasting Club, served as the general moderators.


Ms. Kakinoki commented, "I have never really understood the meaning of the SDGs, but by participating in the forum this time, I realized that students' opinions can be achieved and that we can participate as an intergenerational effort. I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in this forum, despite the many restrictions on club activities due to the ongoing pandemic," Mako Sumida added, "Listening to the students' presentations in the second part of the forum, I felt their appeal to draw people in. There was much to learn." they each shared their impressions.


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