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The entrance ceremony for the 2023 fiscal year of the university and junior college was held for the first time in four years, with parents and others in attendance.


The entrance ceremony for the 2023 academic year for Mukogawa Women's University and Junior College Division was held at the Koe Memorial Auditorium on the main campus on April 4th. Due to the pandemic, the entrance ceremony was suspended for the 2020 academic year and since the 2021 academic year, only students enrolled at the university had been able to attend the ceremony. This year, for the first time in four years, the restriction was lifted to allow parents and others to attend the ceremony.


To liven up the entrance ceremony, student volunteers set up a photo spot on campus and welcomed the students in stuffed Lavy, the school's character. The brass band performed, and the baton and cheerleading clubs gave cheering performances. The entrance ceremony will be held on the 5th as well, and a total of 2,457 students from universities and colleges will start their new student life at the three campuses: main campus, Kamikoshien Campus, and Hamakoshien Campus.


Mukogawa Women's University requires students to wear university uniforms during ceremonies, and on the 4th, the Junior College held its entrance ceremony in the morning, and the four faculties (Literature, Food Sciences and Nutrition, Architecture, and Nursing) held theirs in the afternoon, with students wearing their brand new attire.


President Kazuyoshi Seguchi encouraged the students in his ceremonial address, "I hope you will think deeply and act proactively on your own, and aim to be active in the world as people who can play an active role in the era of women. The student representative emphasized, "Challenge yourself to do what you can do because you are a student, cherish each day, and find what you can devote yourself to. She added, "I will do my best with all the pride and consciousness that comes with being a Mukogawa Women's University student.”


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