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The second day of the university's entrance ceremony was held, welcoming 2,457 new first-year students at the university and junior college for the academic year 2023.


On the 5th, entrance ceremonies were held in the morning for the Faculties of Education, Health and Sports Sciences, Music, and Business Administration, and in the afternoon for the Faculties of Psychology and Social Welfare, Human Environmental Sciences, Social Informatics, and Pharmaceutical Sciences. Students have been in charge of presiding over the entrance ceremony since last year. In his ceremonial address, President Kazuyoshi Seguchi called on the students to "aim to play an active role in the world as individuals who will lead the era of women's advancement."


Ayaka Sakaguchi, a freshman representative from the Department of Education in the Faculty of Education, took the oath of office and Saki Hamada from the Department of Performing Arts in the Faculty of Music received the certificate on behalf of the new students. In the afternoon session, Rin Nomura of the Department of Human Environmental Sciences took the oath of acceptance. Akane Okamoto of the Department of Pharmacy, received the decoration on behalf of her classmates. In her welcome speech, Ms. Kurita, Chairperson of the General Affairs Committee of the Alumni Association and a third-year student of the Department of Food Sciences and Creation, spoke of the generous support system, including homeroom teachers and office hours, and the excellent environment, including the library and the Career Center, that are offered at the university.


The area in front of the auditorium was crowded with students taking pictures with the photo spot and stuffed Lavy, which was organized by student volunteers. After the ceremony, students were divided into their respective departments and moved on to their classrooms. The students of the Faculty of Pharmacy boarded a bus and headed to the Hama-Koshien campus. Students in the Faculty of Social Informatics and the Faculty of Psychology and Social Welfare, which opened this year, also sat nervously in their seats and listened to their homeroom teachers' announcements.


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