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武庫川女子大学 健康・スポーツ科学部 新入生歓迎会Rebootが4月6日、体育館で開催されました。この新入生歓迎会では健康・スポーツ科学部1年生全員、上級生、教員が参加し、クラス対抗ドッジボール大会を行いました。クラス対抗ドッジボール大会では新入生・上級生・教員全員が全力で戦い、白熱したバトルを繰り広げ、交流を深めました。






Reboot, a welcome party for new students of the Faculty of Health and Sports Sciences.


Mukogawa Women's University Health and Sports Science Department held a welcome party, Reboot, for new students on April 6th in the gymnasium. All first-year students, senior students, and faculty members of the School of Health and Sports Science participated in this event, and an interclass dodgeball tournament was held. In the tournament, everyone present gave it their all, engaging in heated battles and interacting with each other.


This event was planned by the Health and Sports Executive Committee; until 2022, the event had been canceled or held on a smaller scale due to the pandemic, but this year, the committee decided to hold a large-scale welcome party for new students to restore the tradition of the Faculty of Health and Sports. In order to make the welcome party a success, the executive committee voluntarily held a training camp for planning and made extensive preparations under the guidance of senior students.


Aya Kumaoka, a third-year student in the Department of Health and Sports Science, a member of the organizing committee, said, "We faced some challenges in the early stages of planning, but seeing the new students enjoying themselves made us glad we held the event." Professor Naoko Murakoshi of the Health and Sports Science Department also expressed her hope that this event, which is a tradition of Mukogawa Women's University, will continue, as the students worked together to make the event a success.


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