<日本語/English> 女性活躍総合研究所による「MUKOJO未来教育プログラムSOAR」の導入講義が行われました。


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「ジェンダーとセクシュアリティ」 中村明美(教育学部准教授)


「女性の仕事環境とキャリアデザイン」 高橋千枝子(経営学部教授)


「女性のライフプランと法律」 山本晶子(共通教育部教授)





導入講義の内容は、共通教育の新しい科目「SOAR 人生100年をきり拓く力」で、さらに詳しく学びます。今後も、キャリアセンター主催のキャリアプログラム(または講座)を提供するほか、女性活躍総合研究所が主催する卒業生座談会や国際女性デーMUKOJOフォーラムなど各種イベントを開催する予定です。




An introductory lecture on the MUKOJO Future Education Program SOAR was given by the Institute for Women's Career Advancement and Gender Equality Development.


The introductory lecture for the MUKOJO Future Education Program SOAR*, which began last year and is now in its second year for all new freshmen, was held on April 6 at the Koe Memorial Auditorium on the main campus.


The Institute for Women's Career Advancement and Gender Equality Development has planned a program to first acquaint new students who are beginning their student days with the various challenges that women may face. The SOAR program will be offered throughout the year, with introductory lectures on understanding gender and sexuality, women's career, and personal life management.


The introductory lectures were held on the 6th and 7th. The day's lectures were opened by Professor Kyoko Takahashi, Director of the Institute and Dean of the Faculty of Food Sciences and Nutrition, who explained the purpose of SOAR and the history of the University from the history of women's higher education. This was followed by lectures on the following three topics by three professors, all of whom are researchers at the Institute for Women's Career Advancement and Gender Equality Development.


The topics and instructors for the introductory lectures (105 minutes total) are as follows


"Gender and Sexuality" by Akemi Nakamura, Associate Professor, Faculty of Education.


"Women's Work Environment and Career Design" by Chieko Takahashi, Professor, School of Business Administration.


"Women's Life Planning and Law" by Akiko Yamamoto, Professor, School of General Education.


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