<日本語/English>中央図書館で「ラクロス部×図書館 コラボ企画展」を開催しています。


English below. 


 武庫川女子大学中央図書館2階のグローバルスタジオで、「ラクロス部×図書館 コラボ企画展」を開催しています。会場では、ラクロス部の2023年の団旗「耀導」を中心に、活動の様子やユニフォーム、クロス、ボールも展示。またラクロス部員が選んだ「おすすめ本」も展示しています。










"Lacrosse Club x Library Collaborative Exhibition" is being held at the Main Library.


The "Lacrosse Club x Library Collaborative Exhibition" is being held at the Global Studio on the 2nd floor of the Mukogawa Women's University Main Campus Library. At the venue, the lacrosse club's 2023 group flag, "Yohido," as well as its activities, uniforms, crosses, and balls are on display. Also on display are "recommended books" selected by the lacrosse club members.


Due to the pandemic the students have had fewer opportunities to come to school, that saw the use of the library decline. Some students have entered their senior year without an opportunity to enter the library, and some students have come to the library only out of necessity.


 The library has returned to normal seating capacity since this academic school year. This was an opportunity for the library to plan its own events and to invite alumni associations and clubs to participate in collaborations with each other in order to make the library more accessible and inviting to visit. The Lacrosse Club was the first one to respond to this call and will hold this collaborative exhibition.


Since mid-March, Mayu Otsuka (3rd year, Department of Business Administration) and Kana Morimoto (2nd year, Department of English and Global Studies), members of the lacrosse club in charge of the exhibition, have been providing information and discussing the contents of the exhibit. In addition, on March 22nd to 23rd, before and after practice, club members went to the library to select "recommended books" and write a manuscript. When the club members went up to the 4th and 5th floors of the library to select books, they commented, "I didn't know they had this kind of books," and "I've only been on the first floor, but it's really spacious."


The club members worked on the exhibits until the first week of April, in between practices and welcoming events, and completed them on April 10. During the lunch break, a video created by the lacrosse club is shown on a large screen on the second floor of the library, and some students can be seen watching the video while having lunch.


 The library is looking for more collaborative projects with alumni associations and clubs in the future. Are you interested in making the use of the library as a place to present your work, or as an inducement to independent studies?



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