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Mukogawa Women's University Calligraphy Club Exhibition.


The "Mukojo Calligraphy Exhibition," a graduation exhibition by the calligraphy seminar of the Department of Japanese Language and Literature (Associate Professor Mitsuhiko Hirata) and the high school calligraphy club, was held from March 21st to 23rd at the Nishinomiya City Gallery.


Since last year, the "Mukojo Calligraphy Exhibition" has been a joint exhibition of the university's calligraphy seminar and the affiliated high school's calligraphy club. This is a joint exhibition of graduation pieces by high school and university students, and it is believed to be a pioneering effort unique to Mukojo. 


This year, 10 members of the university's calligraphy seminar and 11 members of the affiliated high school's calligraphy club presented works in kanji, kana, kanji-kana mix, modern poetry, seal engraving, and modern calligraphy. At the exhibition hall, large works such as a folding screen consisting of four or six pieces and a four-panel hanging scroll, as well as small works written on beautiful ryogami paper, were displayed.


Over the past four years since the university's calligraphy seminar began holding its graduation exhibition off campus, more than 1,000 people have paid a visit to the exhibition.


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