<日本語/English> トルコ地震の被災地を支援したい。 武庫川女子大学の学生が募金活動をしています。


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The students of Mukogawa Women's University are organizing a fundraising campaign to support the areas affected by the earthquake in Turkey.


Students at Mukogawa Women's University are continuing their fundraising activities on campus to support the areas affected by the Turkey-Syria Earthquake that occurred in February. Since March, students from the School of Architecture, which has close ties with Turkey, have been building a dome on campus to serve as a base of support, hanging thousand folded paper cranes, and asking for donations. The students have been calling for donations at the main campus since April 11th and will be continuing until the 28th.


Mukogawa Women's University signed a general exchange agreement with Bahçeşehir University in Turkey in 2008, and there are inter-university exchanges mainly at the School of Architecture. The Turkish Culture Research Center, located on the Kamikoshien campus, continues to exhibit and conduct research related to Turkish architecture and culture.


In March, a real life sized pavilion was built on the main campus to serve as a base of support. Inside the pavilion, the students decorated paper cranes and placed origami and message cards, urging people to offer their support.


The fundraising campaign is conducted by the General Affairs Committee of the Alumni Association in cooperation with the Brown Rice Volunteers. Donation boxes are held at the Main Campus during lunch break to collect donations. The collected donations will be donated to the "Turkish Embassy" to be used for the support of the affected areas. Chisato Kurita, chairperson of the General Affairs Committee, says, "We would like to make more outreach efforts and further increase our fundraising activities.


At Mukogawa Women's University, three faculty members from the School of Architecture were in Turkey from April 12th to 20th to survey the disaster-stricken areas, and the thousand folded paper cranes containing students' wishes were delivered to Bahçeşehir University by the faculty.


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