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On April 26, the University's volleyball team played a practice match against the Philippine’s national volleyball team at the gymnasium. The practice match was part of the national team's tour of the Philippines in Japan. The match was played in four sets with a score of 2-2.


The Philippines’ national team coach George De Britto said, "I felt that the Mukogawa Women's University volleyball team has a strong serve and is tenacious in receiving and picking up strong balls. They also had a fighting spirit, and the match became closer and better with each set. Captain Alaisa Valdez (photo) said, "It was a heated game. Mukogawa Women's University was a very organized team, so it was a good practice match. I was happy to see the welcoming ambience of the event".


Kaho Bessho, captain of the University's volleyball team (4th year, Health and Sports Science Department), said, "I felt that the Philippines team had great height and power, which Kansai universities do not have. It was a valuable experience for us to play against a full representative of our country, and I believe that as a team, we will be able to gain insight and grow through this match.


After the match, the team presented a commemorative gift to the Philippines national team and took a commemorative photo.


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