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The collaboration lunchbox between the Department of Food Sciences and Nutrition and Ito-Yokado is now on sale at seven stores in the Kansai region. A student's proposal was adopted for the second year in a row.


The "Traveling through Asia Deli Lunch," a collaboration between the Department of Food Sciences and Nutrition and Ito-Yokado Co. The product is based on the proposal of Mana Uehigashi, a student in her fourth-year .


The "Collaboration Side Dishes Recipe Contest" was conceived by alumna Risa Tanaka of Asahimatsu Shokuhin Co., Ltd. who wanted to create a lunch box in collaboration with her alma mater, and was held last August with the cooperation of Ito-Yokado and NIPPON ACCESS Co. Twenty-five students from the Department of Food Sciences and Nutrition and the Department of Dietery Life and Food Sciences at the junior college applied for the contest, and Ms. Uehigashi won the Grand Prix for her creative proposal, which included a quiche-like egg omelet using dried tofu. The first entry, "Colorful Deli Lunch Bento that Pleases the Body," was commercialized last October, and this is the second entry.


Ms. Uehigashi's proposal was to create a boxed lunch featuring typical Asian dishes that would make people feel as if they were on a trip. This led to the commercialization of the lunchboxes, which were designed to give people the feeling of traveling during a time when travel is not possible due to the Covid-19 pandemic. As with the first product, the lunchboxes are low in calories, yet nutritionally well-balanced and satisfying.


The product went on sale on April 25, coinciding with the reopening of the Ito-Yokado Tsukuno store. Ms. Tanaka, who initiated the contest, said, "As with the first contest, we expect it to be well received. We have reaffirmed the power of Mukogawa Women's University students' proposals based on their knowledge of food and nutrition. Ms. Uehigashi, whose proposal was commercialized for the second year in a row, said, "Through the development of the collaboration bento, I met people from companies and received feedback that it was delicious, which helped me understand exactly what I was interested in doing. I am glad I took on this challenge."


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