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Food developed by internship students of the Department of Innovative Food Sciences is now a registered product.


Daikin Group Ltd. is now selling a ready prepared dish planned and developed by students of the Department of Innovative Food Sciences, at 19 Pantry and Lucky supermarkets in the Kansai region. Although sold only on Saturdays and Sundays, the popular product has sold more than 700 packages in three weeks. The product has become a regular item, an unprecedented achievement for a collaborative product by students.


In January of this year, three third-year students of the Department of Innovative Food Sciences participated in a five-day internship program at the Pantry Foresta Rokko store in Kobe City. They were assigned the task of "developing a boxed lunch or a Western side dish." They presented several ideas and made a prototype of the most highly rated one in the store's kitchen. Using ingredients sold at the store, the participants experienced the entire product development process, including labeling of ingredients, naming of the product, and creation of a flyer.


Mako Suzuki made Japanese Tartar Puripuri Bento, Natsumi Yamashita made Shakifuwa Lentil Tsukune Donburi, and Chinatsu Ishii made German Potato Salad. Each of them made 20 to 30 meals, and of these, the prepared dish invented by Ms. Ishii will be on the store shelves for one day only.


This original recipe is a collaboration of German potato and potato salad. Using domestically produced potatoes, onions, and the company's own Mochi Buta sausage, the dish has a punchy flavor that can be served as a side dish for lunch or as a snack. On the last day of the training, a limited number of 30 servings were sold, and they sold out immediately. The popularity of the dish was so great that the number of stores selling it was expanded to 19, and from April 7, it will be sold as a regular item on Saturdays and Sundays only.


Ms. Ishii said, "I am happy to know that so many people are into it." Ms. Suzuki said, "Although the training was only five days, it was an intense five days, including a tour of the in-house factory," and Ms. Yamashita said, "At the training, it was fun being involved in the process of providing customers with something I made."


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