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The 2023 Koe Honorary Student Award ceremony was held.


The award ceremony for this year's Koe Honary Students was held on May 13 at the Main Campus Media Hall, where President Kazuyoshi Seguchi presented each of the 48 students (41 university students and 7 junior college students) who were selected as this year's honored students with a letter of commendation and a catalog of monetary awards.


The Koe Honary Students are students who have been recommended by their respective faculties and departments for academic excellence and are truly deserving of being students of the University.


 At the ceremony, President Seguchi said, "Congratulations on your selection as a honary student. Being selected as one of the student is the result of your efforts. In a world with many challenges such as the new Covid-19, advancements in AI, opportunities for women in the workforce, and the declining birth rate, I expect you to play a leading role as pioneers in your field."


On behalf of the celebrated students, Ms. Mari Aguro, a fourth-year student in the Department of Architecture, said, "I faced many difficulties while working on my architectural design project, but I felt that my efforts were rewarded when I was selected as a Koe Honary Student. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my family, friends, and many professors for their guidance and support, and I will continue to work hard and grow as an architect who can contribute to society," she said in her acknowledgments.


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