<日本語/English>アメリカ分校現地レポート2 日本文化の発信拠点「日本文化館」で、学生たちが地域の子どもたちと交流しました。


English below. 


スポケーン市にあるFarwell Elementaryの小学1年生72人と保護者30人が5月12日(日本時間13日)、武庫川女子大学アメリカキャンパスMUSCにある「日本文化館(JCC)」を訪れ、学生たちと交流しました。


色とりどりの浴衣を着て写真を撮ってもらう子どもたち。紙風船を追いかけたり、お琴や日本人形に興味津々に見入ったり。ポケモンや鬼滅の刃など、日本の人気アニメを展示するコーナーでは「Pokemon!」「I know Pokemon!」とうれしそうな声が上がりました。












MUSC Report (2) Students interacted with local neighborhood children at the Japanese Culture Museum.


Seventy-two first-graders and 30 parents from Farwell Elementary in Spokane visited the Japanese Culture Center (JCC) at Mukogawa Women's University of America Campus (MUSC) on May 12 (May 13, JST) to interact with students.


Children dressed in colorful yukata got to have their pictures taken. They chased paper balloons and looked with great interest at the okon (Japanese harp) and Japanese dolls. At a section displaying popular Japanese anime such as Pokemon and Kimestu no Yaiba, the children shouted with joy, "I know Pokemon!"


A mother who was watching her daughter put on a yukata said, "My daughter is very excited. My mother also loves Japanese culture, so I will tell her about this when I get back home."


The JCC is a Japanese culture center established on the campus to introduce Japanese culture to the people of Spokane, where the campus is located, and to deepen mutual understanding. The JCC has Japanese dolls, kimonos, toys, and a display that introduces Nishinomiya City and Mukogawa Women's University, and is frequently visited by elementary and junior high school students from the area.


On this day, as part of a conversation class, students were divided into groups to entertain elementary school students and their parents who visited the JCC. The students took the children one by one to each area, dressing them in yukata and teaching them how to play with the toys. When the children were challenged to sing the "Frog Song" in a circle, they burst into laughter and applause. Afterwards, they spread out sheets on the lawn and enjoyed lunch together.


For the students, this was a great opportunity to use their English skills to interact with different cultures. Ms. Momoe Ueda said, "It was so much fun to meet American children. They asked me if they could hug me. They were very reactive and easy to interact with." Ms. Shizuku Fukuda said, "It was an experience that I would not have had if I had not participated in the study abroad program. I was able to have nice conversations with the children in English."


There is only one week left until the completion of the 4-month study abroad program. On the evening of the event, a barbecue party, campfire, and dance party were held on campus, with many students participating.


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