<日本語/English>食物栄養科学部 食創造科学科の「食品産業論実習Ⅱ」で学生たちが食品業界の「現場」を学んでいます。


English below.


4月14日に行われた食物栄養科学部 食創造科学科の「食品産業論実習Ⅱ」の講義に本学と包括連携協定を締結している日清シスコ株式会社の大阪支店長 伊藤智樹さんとマーケティング部部長 上原秀介さんが登壇しました。


本学の食物栄養科学部 食創造科学科は食品や栄養に関する学びだけでなく、食品の安全性や営業、販売などのビジネスに関係した学びを得ることができます。






今後はMeiji Seika ファルマ株式会社やサントリーグローバルイノベーションセンター株式会社などの企業の方々が登壇する予定です。




Students learn about the food industry in the "Food Industry Theory Practicum II" in the Department of Innovative Food Sciences, Faculty of Food Sciences and Nutrition.


On April 14, Mr. Tomoki Ito, Manager of Osaka Branch and Mr. Shusuke Uehara, General Manager of Marketing Department of Nissin Sysco Corporation, with whom we have concluded a comprehensive cooperation agreement, participated in the "Food Industry Theory Practice II" lecture held by the Department of Innovative Food Sciences, Faculty of Food Sciences and Nutrition.


The Department of Innovative Food Sciences in the Faculty of Food Sciences and Nutrition at MWU offers not only studies related to food and nutrition, but also business-related studies such as food safety, sales, and marketing.


In the first semester of the second year, the Department of Innovative Food Sciences offers "Food Industry Theory Practicum II," in which students can learn about the "frontlines" of the food industry.


In addition to factory tours of the food industry for six months, lecturers from various companies in the food and health food fields are invited to give lectures, enabling students to acquire a wide range of knowledge about the food industry through the lectures.


In the lecture on April 14, second-year students of the Innovative Food Sciences learned about strategies and current conditions in product development and marketing.


The students were intrigued by a story about marketing from a person who actually works in the food industry. The lecture was enlivened by many questions from the students.


In the future, speakers from companies such as Meiji Seika Pharma and Suntory Global Innovation Center Ltd. are scheduled to take the stage.


 Professor Katsuhiko Yoshizawa and Assistant Professor Akiko Takenouchi of the Innovative Food Sciences, who are in charge of the practical training, said, "In the Food Industry Theory Practicum II, students can learn comprehensively about food from its production to its actual delivery to their hands. This class provides an opportunity for students to learn what fields they are interested in, and to find a job or other career opportunities.



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