<日本語/English> イースタン・ワシントン大学(EWU)との国際交換教授プログラムが再開し、ケビン・バートレット准教授が参加しました。


English below. 
















The International Exchange Professorship Program with Eastern Washington University (EWU) has resumed, and Associate Professor Kevin Bartlett has joined the program.


The Kusaka-Fosseen Distinguished Professorship Exchange program, which was suspended from FY2020 due to the pandemic, has resumed after a four-year hiatus, and Associate Professor Kevin Bartlett of the Department of English and Global Studies taught at Eastern Washington University (EWU) from May 8 to 16 at state university located in Cheyney. The program utilizes the Kusaka-Fosseen International Exchange Professorship Fund, established in 1995, under which the two universities send one faculty member from each other to give lectures and conduct joint research.


Associate Professor Bartlett specialty is translanguaging. His research focuses on the possibility of unraveling language-linked identities and facilitating the understanding and communication of diverse content by viewing native and second languages as a single language system.


During this dispatch, Associate Professor Bartlett taught Japanese to Japanese majors, explained translanguaging with EWU faculty members, and gave about 10 classes to students in various departments.


 On the 16th, the last class day, Associate Professor Bartlett taught two classes, one with EWU's Spanish faculty and the other with EWU's Spanish faculty on the significance of learning two languages. He also showed the positive effects of integrating the two languages into a single language system, rather than separating them.


In the other class, he discussed foreign language teaching methods based on translanguaging with students. The students were third- and fourth-year students studying Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, and other languages with the aim of becoming foreign language teaching professionals. Since the class started just in time for lunch, a lively discussion continued as they shared pizza.


 A participating student commented, "It was very interesting because it was an approach from a different angle from the foreign language learning that I know. Understanding this method will be useful for American students" and "Since language and content are linked, I thought that translanguaging could lead to new understanding and improved knowledge beyond language."


Associate Professor Bartlett concluded the series of programs with a presentation of his research findings in front of EWU faculty members on the 17th. He will participate in the spring semester completion ceremony to be held on the 19th at the U.S. campus.


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