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MUSC Report (3): Last Weekend of Study Abroad Program


On the 13th (14th in JST), the last weekend of the spring semester study abroad program at the Mukogawa U.S Campus, students took the bus to go shopping, enjoyed a leisurely brunch, and spent the weekend as they pleased. Some students visited their host families and spent time with their American "families".
The two students who visited their host families were Ms. Haruko Sano and Ms. Akari Yamada. They stayed at the Cowles' home for three days and two nights in March, spending time with two girls of the same age, who are like sisters to them. This was their second visit after the homestay. After meeting their host family for the first time in a long time, Ms. Sano and Ms. Yamada ran up to them with
 smiles on their faces, talked about their recent activities in the living room, and enjoyed a barbecue party in the garden.

At MUSC, homestays are incorporated into the curriculum, with two or three students staying with one family each weekend during their study abroad program. Since the school opened, a total of more than 5,000 families have hosted Mukogawa Women's University students. This is an important opportunity for students to experience firsthand cross-cultural understanding. The warm hospitality of a home stay is truly a memorable experience for them.

The Cowles family, who hosted Ms. Sano, are both big fans of Japan. They have been hosting students of Mukogawa Women's University for homestays in the spring and fall semesters for 20 years since 2003. The Cowles have been to Japan seven times, and their home is filled with Japanese goods, including a tapestry of Mt. Fuji given to them by previous students, a Japanese doll they purchased in Kobe, and DVDs of Japanese TV dramas.

For Cowles, the host-daughters are "like family." They keep in touch with their former hosts and even attended a wedding in Japan. Of Ms.Sano and Ms.Yamada, Cowles said, "They both laugh a lot and are energetic. I enjoyed talking with them about various things," he said. "I hope that Japanese students will come to the U.S. to broaden their experiences and promote understanding of different cultures."

During the award ceremony on the 19th, more than 50 host families who have hosted students this semester will be invited to MUSC to observe the closing ceremony.


The exchange between the students and host families will be introduced in the October broadcast of "Mukojo TV#16"!


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