<日本語/English>アメリカ分校現地レポート5 アメリカ分校で春学期修了のアワードセレモニーが行われました。


English below. 






最優秀賞にあたる「President‘s Award for Academic Excellence」は、林香穂さんが受賞。学業への取り組みが優れていたとして、多くの教員から推薦を受けて選ばれました。また、TOEICのスコアを320点伸ばした有馬未羽さんに「Takaoka Merit Award」、JCC(日本文化館)でのボランティア活動を通して国際交流に貢献した渡邉花綾さんに「Fosseen Ambassadorship Award」、学生生活での取り組みが優れていたとして、「Tsutakawa Outstanding Service Award」が 戸村華乃さんにそれぞれ贈られました。








MUSC Report (5) Award Ceremony for the end of the spring semester.


On the 19th (February 20, 2023 JST), 126 second-year students of the Department of English Language and Culture who had been studying abroad at the Mukogawa U.S Campus (MUSC) since February completed the spring semester and participated in the award ceremony. About 50 host families who had hosted the students during their stay at the campus also attended the ceremony and witnessed the progress of each of the host families.


 At the ceremony, Vice President Akihiro Nakahara began by saying, "Studying hard here, developing your English communication skills, and deepening your understanding of different cultures will be an experience you will never forget." Four students were then presented with this semester's awards.


 The President's Award for Academic Excellence was awarded to Ms. Kaho Hayashi. She was nominated by a number of faculty members for her outstanding academic efforts. Miu Arima received the "Takaoka Merit Award" for improving her TOEIC score by 320 points, and Kaaya Watanabe received the "Fosseen Ambassadorship Award" for contributing to international exchange through her volunteer activities at the JCC (Japanese Culture Center). The Tsutakawa Outstanding Service Award was presented to Kano Tomura for her outstanding efforts in her student life.


The certificates were handed to each student individually by Vice President Nakahara. When all students received their certificates, there was a round of applause and cheers, and host families and staff praised the students with a standing ovation. Momoka Fukuda, representing the graduating students, said, "I worked hard, encouraged by the teacher's words, that it was okay to make mistakes I want to make use of what I learned here and challenge myself further when I go back to Japan," she said in English.


The students shared their memories with their host families over a meal and performed a choir song they had practiced in English to express their gratitude. They said goodbye with handshakes and hugs, and promised to meet again.



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