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   The "Naruo Fureai Event 2023" was held on May 27th at the Mukojo Station Campus in front of the Naruo-Mukogawa Women's University Station on the Hanshin Electric Railway Line and the plaza in front of the station, attracting many people including families to the site.


  This is in its second year for this community exchange event, which is planned and operated together with the Student Executive Committee of Mukogawa Women's University along with Naruo Area Management Liaison Committee(members: ENRISSION Inc., Hanshin Stationnet Co.,Ltd., Hanshin Electric Railway Co.,Ltd., The Minato Bank, Ltd., Mukogawa Gakuin Educational Corporation, LIFE INNOVATION Co.,Ltd.)


 "Ekimae Fes -sketch-" was held on the stage in the plaza in front of the station. To begin. the members of the university's calligraphy club drew "En" and a message. This was followed by performances by the university's dance club, aerobic dance club, brass band, Mukogawa Women's University high school chorus club, and children from the "KDT Dance Factory," based in the Naruo area, which were met with applause from the crowd.


 Other events held at the venue included "Naruo Machiaruki Quiz," in which participants visited facilities and spots around the station to rediscover the charms of the Naruo area; "Challenge! Retro games," and "Know-how to check the balance of your daily diet," which helps you learn and experience traditional games with local residents. "Dietary Balance" where you can check the balance of your daily diet, and many other events and sections were set up, and the event was very successful.


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