<日本語/English> ホームカミングデー「鳴松会の日」の行事が行われ、卒業生が集いました。


English below. 







続いて、文学部長・日本語日本文学科教授 影山尚之教授が「心にひびく万葉集」と題した講演会を行いました。大伴旅人の万葉歌を来場者と共に歌ったり、先生のお話に時折笑いが起こったりするなど、共に集う喜びを体感できた講演会になりました。







Alumni gathered for the Homecoming Day event.


Graduates gathered at their alma mater on May 28th for the annual Homecoming Day event. The Koto Club welcomed the visiting graduates and faculty members with a welcoming performance, and at 9:30 a.m., the general meeting was held with the board of directors in the Koe Memorial Auditorium.


Following the review of the agenda, students from the Calligraphy Seminar and the Calligraphy Club presented a performance titled "Hana to Miru Yume - Saigyo no Uta" (Dreaming with Flowers - Saigyo's Song) to the seniors. Six students from the Calligraphy Seminar and the Calligraphy Club, each dressed in hakama and holding a brush, expressed Saigyo's waka poem in scattered strokes. Seventeen members of the dance club also participated in the calligraphy performance with a creative dance, completing the work with a collaboration of calligraphy and dance, which was met with applause from the audience.


Following the performance, Professor Hisayuki Kageyama, Dean of the Faculty of Letters and Professor of Japanese Language and Literature, gave a lecture titled "The Manyoshu That Struck a Chord in Your Heart." The audience sang the Manyoshu poetry of Otomo Tabito together with the professor, and occasionally laughed as he spoke, making the lecture a joyful experience of communion.


 Complying to the previous year, the after party had been postponed due to measures still in place post Covid-19, yet those who attended were able to rekindle friendships.


 The Meisho-kai, organized by Mukogawa Gakuin graduates, is an alumni association that was founded in March 1944 at the request of the then graduates of the first Mukogawa High school for girls. The name "Meisho-kai" was chosen by the then president of the school, Mr. Kiichiro Koe, after the "Pine Tree in the Village of Naruo" sung in the school's song.


This year marks the 79th anniversary of the founding of Meisho-kai, and the number of members exceeds 200,000. Every year in May, the association holds an annual event called "Meisho-kai Day," where alumni gather to reconnect.


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