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このキッチンカープロジェクトに参加した社会情報学科3年の森 菜々美さんは「商品を広めるための企画や他のゼミ生と意見を擦り合わせることは大変勉強になりました。次回はもっと良い案を出せるようにしたいです」と話しました。赤岡仁之教授は「学生たちの日々成長していく姿を実感しました」、平井拓己准教授は「コロナ禍ではできなかった、実体験を通じて学ぶ活動ができて良かった」と話しています。


MCC Foods Corporation x Faculty of Social Informatics] Students Sold Curry in a Kitchen Car.


(MCC) and the Faculty of Social Informatics jointly operated a food truck in which students sold curry from May 30 to June 1. Students enjoyed a variety of daily special curries, which attracted a large crowd of students.


MCC is a food company based in Kobe City, known for its "100-hour beef curry.” In the Department of Social Informatics, the Akaoka and Hirai seminars have been conducting joint research with MCC since 2021 with the aim of raising awareness of the company. Starting last year, under the theme of "Generation Z and the promotion of companies," they have proposed mechanisms to let Generation Z know about companies and how to effectively use social media. The kitchen car project was conducted this time as an attempt to demonstrate these proposals.


On the day of the event, the students were involved in various operations, such as handing out flyers and other PR activities to the students, taking orders, and handing out number tags.


Nanami Mori, a third-year student in the Department of Social Informatics who participated in the kitchen car project, said, "I learned a lot from planning to promote the product and sharing opinions with other seminar students. I hope to be able to come up with a better idea next time.” Professor Hitoyuki Akaoka said, "It was evident, that the students were learning and prospering each and every day.” Followed by Associate Professor Takumi Hirai, "I am glad that we were able to learn through hands-on experience, which was not possible in the last few years.”


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