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Students watched a pop circus performance and interacted with performers.


On May 27, nine Mukogawa Women’s University students attended the "Pop Circus Nishinomiya" performance held in Nishinomiya City and interacted with the circus troupe's foreign performers.


Pop Circus is a circus troupe that brings together performers from 12 countries around the world. In order to deepen their understanding of multiculturalism, a total of nine students, four from the Department of English Language and Culture, two from the Department of Education, one from the Department of Social Informatics, and two international exchange students, participated in the exchange with the performers.


After viewing the performances, the students interacted with the six performers. They asked questions about how they became circus performers and about their daily lives.


Nana Maeno, Rin Ishii, and Yuna Hirano, third-year students in the Department of English Language and Culture, said they were impressed by the burning passion of the performers, who were all from different cultures and languages, values, living together and working toward the same goal to create a spectacular show.


Risa Manabe, a first-year student in the Department of Social Informatics, said, "I want to become a person who can convey joy and pleasure to others like the circus performers do," Natsuki Yokoyama, a third-year student in the Department of Education, said, "I want to become a teacher who can convey to children the importance of facing challenges," and Shino Murakami said, "It was interesting to see the different characteristics of performances in each country.” Shino Murakami shared her thoughts, "It was interesting to see the different characteristics of the performances in each country.”


International exchange students, Park Seonyeong, a fourth-year student in the Department of Japanese Language and Literature, said, "The circus show was more interesting than I had imagined," and Huang Pin-xi added, "I was glad to have the opportunity to interact with the circus performers.”


Associate Professor Mayumi Tanaka of the Department of English and Global Studies, who led the exchange, said, "This exchange program was a valuable opportunity for the students to learn about communication, cross-cultural understanding, and the importance of continuing to challenge themselves.”


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