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JA全農兵庫の直営店である神戸プレジール本店で6月13日から6月30日まで食物栄養科学部 食創造科学科の1年生が考案したレシピ2品がコース料理の前菜として提供されています。












A dish using onions from Awaji Island, created by students, is offered as a part of the restaurant's course menu.


Two new recipes created by first-year students of the Department of Innovative Food Sciences in the School of Food Sciences and Nutrition are being served as appetizers for a course meal from June 13 (Tuesday) to June 30 (Friday) at the Kobe Plaisir Main Store, a directly operated by JA Zennoh-Hyogo (Japan Agricultural Cooperatives).


In the first semester of their freshman year, the students take part in "Food Industry Theory Practicum I" to gain a broad understanding of the food industry, and learn about the food industry through visits to factories and production sites.


On Friday, May 12, the students harvested onions from Awaji Island with the cooperation of JA-Zennoh-Hyogo and Awajishima Marugoto Co. From the 10 recipes voted on by the students, the chef of the Kobe President's main restaurant selected two and arranged them to fit the course menu.


The two dishes were "Awajishima Onion de Parfait" and "Awajishima Onion and Summer Vegetable Terrine." The "Awajishima Onion de Parfait" is a blancmange that maximizes the sweetness of Awajishima onions and is served with a Kobe beef bouillon gelée. The "Awaji Island Onion and Summer Vegetable Terrine" is a terrine made with Awaji Island onions, summer vegetables, and shrimp.


Momoka Yokoyama, who was involved in the recipe development, said, "I was mindful of bringing out the best of Awajishima onions and their appearance to match the atmosphere and menu of the restaurant. Through this experience, I learned that it is important to respond to the needs of the restaurant and customers when developing recipes." Nanaka Yamazaki adds, "The chef said that he added beef bouillon to the terrine sauce, and I realized that a little creativity can boost in customer satisfaction. I would like to develop recipes with such ingenuity and consideration in the future," she said.


Toshiki Matsuura, head of the Department of Innovative Food Sciences said, "The Department of Innovative Food Sciences is unique not only in food and nutrition, but also in business-related studies such as food safety, sales, and marketing. The food industry is really broad. I hope that students will actively take on various challenges and gain experience from a young age."


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