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A volunteer commissioning ceremony was held by the Nishinomiya Juvenile Support Centre of the Hyogo Prefectural Police and the Koshien Police Station for students of the University's Psychology Department.

At the invitation of the Nishinomiya Juvenile Support Center of the Hyogo Prefectural Police Department and the Koshien Police Station, which are working to create a place for truant students, 27 2nd to 4th year students of the Psychology Course* of the School of Psychology and Social Welfare will volunteer to support students. The commissioning ceremony was held on June 12 at the Global Studio of the Central Library. *Reorganized into the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Psychology and Social Welfare in April 2023.


This is part of the "Support for creating a place for unschooled students" project undertaken by the Nishinomiya Juvenile Support Center, Juvenile Division, Health and Safety Department, Hyogo Prefectural Police Headquarters, and the Koshien Police Station. In response to calls for continuous support activities for the increasing number of out-of-school students each year, the center has been recruiting university student volunteers in the Koshien Police Station area since last year, with the aim of "creating a place for truant students in junior high schools outside the classroom.""This year, the center is recruiting volunteers from Mukogawa Women's University and the Koshien Police Station. This year, Mukogawa Women's University was invited to join the project.


 The commissioning ceremony on December 12 was attended by Akito Ando, Dean of the School of Psychology and Social Welfare, Naoko W. Obanawa, Chair of the Psychology Department, and 14 students from the Psychology and Social Welfare who registered as volunteers from Mukogawa Women's University. A representative from the Koshien Police Station handed each student a letter of commission, expressing his hope that "having contact with university students who are close in age will encourage the students to come to school and provide a good experience for university students as well."


The students expressed their enthusiasm, saying that they would like to participate actively and do their best to communicate with the children.


The activities will start on June 19. The students will take turns visiting junior high schools that wish to support students in need and spend about two hours with them when they come to school, doing creative activities and so on.


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