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辻前 綾里  段違い平行棒  予選14位 

小谷みつは  平均台     予選14位

杉原 愛子  ゆか      予選3位  決勝 1位


写真撮影者:Norikazu OKAMOTO


The 77th All-Japan Gymnastics Individual Championships were held at Yoyogi National Gymnasium from June 8 to 11, and Aiko Sugihara, a member of the gymnastics team and a strengthening coach, won the championship. This is the second time in three years that Aiko Sugihara has won the championship in the floor.


Sugihara's desire to become an athlete was rekindled in April, when she began working as a coach (Junior gymnastics athletes) and a reporter for All Japan Gymnastics Individual Championships. She qualified for this year's competition by winning the right to compete in the video screening. In the finals, she was the only competitor to achieve an E-score of 8 points.


Ayari Tsujimae (3rd year, Health and Sports Science), who competed on uneven bars, performed error-free and improved her score from last year, placing 14th in the preliminary round. Mitsuha Kotani, a 2nd year in the Health and Sports Science Department, placed 14th in the preliminary round for her beautiful performance on the balance beam.


The results are as below: 


Ayari Tsujimae, 14th place in the Preliminary Round of Parallel Bars 


Mitsuha Kotani, 14th place in the Preliminary Round of Flat Bars


Aiko Sugihara 3rd place in Preliminary Round of floor, 1st place in the finals


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