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The Mukogawa Women's University Alumni Association held an on-campus blood donation campaign on June 20th at the Main Campus, with the cooperation of students and faculty members.


The alumni association has been conducting blood donations in cooperation with the Japanese Red Cross Society since 1981.


The blood shortage is continuing nationwide due to measures against the coronavirus infection and the stagnation of blood donation activities caused by natural disasters. The General Affairs Committee, which is in charge of implementing the program, notified all students of the blood donation request via social media in advance. The "Fast Pass" reservation system, which allows students to donate blood on a priority basis at a convenient time, also proved effective, and during the one-hour blood donation reception in the morning, there was an unbroken line of people who wanted to donate blood.


Students at the reception desk said, "My friend asked me to go with her, so this was my first visit to the donation center. It's nice to be able to donate blood without having to queue," were some of the comments made by students. A graduate student who was having a break after donating blood said, "The time that usually feels long passed quickly because the person in charge was happy to talk with me while I was donating blood."


A student from the General Affairs Committee said, "I really appreciate everyone's willingness to help with the blood donation. There are some people who cannot donate blood due to weight restrictions or insufficient hemoglobin levels, so we would appreciate your cooperation while taking consideration of your health".


The General Affairs Committee is also preparing free giveaways for those who donate blood. The blood drive is also scheduled to be held on the Pharmacy Campus on the 23rd.


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