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First open campus in 2023 held without restrictions for the first time in four years!


The first Mukogawa Women's University Open Campus for 2023 was held on June 25 at the Main Campus, Hamakoshien Campus, and Kamikoshien Campus, with approximately 1,400 high school students and parents in attendance. The event was the first time in four years that it was held in a completely open-access environment.


As this was the first time in a while that the event was held without restrictions, there was a noticeable participation of not only high school seniors but also younger students at the Central Campus. The opening ceremony at the Koe Memorial Auditorium featured a mini live performance by the music club and a spectacular stage performance by the rhythmic gymnastics club, and students participated actively throughout the entire program, including talk live performances and guided campus tours. The Azalea Cafeteria and the Ensemble Café in the Koe Memorial Hall served meals and one-plate lunches that students eat every day, and parents, children, and friends were seen enjoying the menu selections together.


 New to this year's event was a live talk show by a popular educational YouTube star. Shiori Yuba of "Rikejo no Sodanshitsu" and Takayuki Yonamine of "Yonatan Channel" introduced study methods and secret strategies to boost motivation at the Koe Memorial Auditorium.


 The Department of History and Culture, which will open in April 2024, also held its first department program. Faculty members scheduled to take up their new positions also participated in the program, conveying the appeal of the department to high school students.


 The Department of History and Culture, which will be newly established in the Faculty of Letters, specializes in Japanese history, and will focus on the essence of history and culture from the perspective of people living in Japan. Many high school students and their parents visited the individual consultation rooms set up in the library and the department program, saying "I love history" or "I am interested in this new department," and listened intently to the explanation from the faculty members. In the department program, the explanation of the department and mock classes attracted much attention. The exhibition section, which featured a gorgeously embroidered Taisho period obi belt, swords and other historical documents, and colorful Vietnamese folk costumes, was also popular with visitors.


Open campuses will be held on July 8 (Sat.) and 9 (Sun.), August 10 (Thu.) and 11 (Fri.), and September 24 (Sun.) throughout the year.



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