<English/日本語> 化粧品について学ぶM-COSMIC市民講座を開講中です。


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M-COSMIC Public Lecture to learn about cosmetics is now available! 


The 7th M-COSMIC Citizen Lecture of Mukogawa Women's University, organized by the university's Mukogawa Cosmetics Innovation Center (M-COSMIC), was held on June 17th at Mukogawa Women's Station Campus, with 62 participants attending both in-person and online.


 M-COSMIC was established in April 2022 mainly by the university's Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences. The institute conducts research and activities to promote research in cosmetic science and cosmetics development, to collaborate with local communities and companies, and to spread and educate proper knowledge about cosmetics. Its mission is to further develop cosmetics research and inform the general public of most accurate information, and it conducts lectures for the cosmetics industry and the general public.


 The public lecture has been held since May 2022, and this was the 7th lecture. The theme of this year's lecture was "How to choose and use cosmetics that suit you - from skin care to makeup cosmetics." Visiting Professor Kaoru Suganuma, President of the Japanese Academy of Facial Studies, served as the lecturer, and there were many male participants too.


Professor Suganuma mainly explained how to choose skincare and makeup cosmetics.


The key points for choosing skincare cosmetics were to learn your skin type, avoid excessive skincare, and use the right cosmetics for each part of the body. She also explained the key points for selecting makeup products: to use cosmetics that match the skin color of each area, to use eyebrow products that match the color of the eyes and hair, and to match makeup to the image of the person one wants to be. The lecture was enlivened by a flurry of questions from the participants.


Ms. Suganuma stated, "II hope that the students will learn the correct use and acquire knowledge of cosmetics through this lecture, and use them skillfully to live a happy and fulfilling life."


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