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 「KAKEN塾」は今後、8月にかけて、「他分野の研究者に研究計画を説明する ワークショップ」、「応募申請書を完成させる 助言と添削」、「応募申請書をブラッシュアップ 助言と添削」などのテーマで行われます。




"KAKEN Juku," a training session for faculty members on campus, has started in order to improve the acceptance rate of Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (KAKEN).


The workshop was launched by the Research Development Support Office of Mukogawa Women's University to increase the application and acceptance rate of Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (KAKEN), mainly for young researchers. The workshop will be held on the Main Campus during the application period for the FY2024 KAKEN (mid-July to mid-September of this year). In the workshop, participants will receive guidance and advice from experienced researchers to complete their Grant-in-Aid application forms.


The first session will be held on June 17 under the theme of "What you need to know to secure a Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research." At the beginning of the session, Dr. Tokumitsu Matsui, Director of the Research Development Support Office (Professor, Faculty of Food and Nutritional Sciences), will address the participants, "Let's improve our research capabilities by boosting our acceptance rate through the KAKEN Juku.” Then, Vice President Masatoshi Kawai (Director of the Institute of Education) took the podium and explained about ethics as a researcher and key points to keep in mind in order to obtain a Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research. Among the topics he covered were the importance of preparing an application that can be understood by researchers outside of your field of expertise, and the importance of providing an explanation that can be swallowed as easily as eating udon noodles.


 In group work, students shared their own research with each other and learned specific methods for communicating their research to others.


Participants commented “I thought that the guidance was concrete and easy to understand, and provided many pointers for application writing. Through group work, I was able to summarize my thoughts and ideas again," were some of the comments received.


 KAKEN Juku" will continue through August with themes such as "Workshop on Explaining Your Research Plan to Researchers in Other Fields," "Advice and Corrections for Completing Application Forms," and "Advice and Corrections for Brushing Up Your Application Forms.”


 Mukogawa Women's University had 81 new Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research projects selected in FY2022, ranking fifth among women's universities in Japan.



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