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Mukogawa Women's University's second open campus of the year was held on 8th of July.


The second open campus of the 2023 academic year was held on 8th of July at three venues: the main venue at the Main Campus, the Hama-Koshien Campus (Faculty of Pharmacy) and the Kami-Koshien Campus (Faculty of Architecture), with many high school students, parents and others attending. The event was held on a completely free admission basis, with no admission restrictions and no need to register beforehand.

 At the opening ceremony held in the Koe Memorial Auditorium, the chorus club and the idol dance copy group 'Virgo Spica' gave a stage performance, to which visitors applauded loudly. This was followed by a live talk performance by popular educational YouTuber Yuba Shiori, who taught study methods to become good at English and the techniques needed to pass the exam. Yuba encouraged the high school students to listen intently while taking notes, saying that the experience of taking the university entrance examinations will give them the strength to overcome what happens in their lives afterwards.

  The program for each department included work experience and current student events, which were changed from the previous event. The Faculty of Health and Sports Sciences presented a dance performance by current students entitled 'Welcome Performance', which mixed rock and contemporary elements. The Faculty of Food and Nutritional Sciences held a summer Open Campus-only mini-course, 'Nutrition Wonder', in which the faculty member in charge showed how to calculate calories according to individual physical activity and how to incorporate snacking into the diet successfully.

 The Open Campus staff took the students on a campus tour of the university, showing them the best places to visit. While walking around the campus together, they talked to the high school students in a friendly manner.

 At the Kami-Koshien Campus, an introduction program was held on the Faculty of Architecture, explaining the features of each of the departments, including the Department of Architecture and the Department of Landscape Architecture, the track record of first-class architects passing the exam, employment opportunities with top companies in the construction industry after graduation, and the certificates that can be obtained. In addition, current students of the Graduate School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture talked about why they chose the School of Architecture, how they learn and their student life.

 The Open Campus will be held again tomorrow, on 9th of January, from 12:30pm.

 The future schedule for the 2023 Open Campus is as follows

 9th of July (Sunday)

 10th of August (Thursday)

 11th of August (Friday)

 24th of September (Sunday)

 23rd of March 2024 (Saturday)

 *On August 10th and11th, courtesy buses from Fukui, Okayama, Kagawa and Tokushima will be available (free of charge, reservation required). 

 For more information, see the candidate page on our homepage.


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