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The Department of Education's Baby Master Project was held at the Central Library, where students interacted with babies and mothers.

On 12 July, the Department of Education held the 'Baby Teacher Project' in the teaching course 'Understanding Children and Early Childhood Education' (Prof Michiru Tsukada and Prof Hiromi Takai). At the Global Studio on the 2nd floor of the Central Library, students interacted with 10 pairs of babies and their mothers under the theme 'Let's get to know the baby'.

The 'Baby Master Project' is a program of the NPO Mamahata, an organization that supports the way mothers work, in which participants experience the power of babies through their expressions and behavior, and get in touch with their mothers' thoughts. Through the program, participants are also given the opportunity to reflect on their own growth process and recognize their own feelings of gratitude. It is also an opportunity for students taking the teaching course to be able to deepen their knowledge for future studies in a more concrete way.

During the project, the students sit in groups and with the baby in the middle, everyone's eyes are focused on the baby. The babies vary from sleepy, to not wanting to leave their mothers, to crying, but the students talk to them with a friendly smile and play with their fingers to give them a chance to interact with the infants. They gradually became accustomed to the environment and their behavior gradually changed, such as starting to run and play with toys, while the students also stood up around the babies or ran with them, and several groups moved around in different forms.

The students also had the opportunity to listen to the mothers explain how to use the stroller and push it, and to hear about their daily experiences and the mothers' own feelings, thus deepening their understanding of childcare from the mothers' perspective.

At the end of the program, one by one, the group presented their thoughts. The participants said, "It was a good experience for me because I don't get to spend much time with small children", "I remembered when I was little and thought again how hard it must have been for mothers", "I knew it's not an easy journey, but I want to apply the experience I have gained through this opportunity to become a teacher at a kindergarten or nursery".

 At the end of the session, the babies left the venue while singing 'Maa-rui inochi' ('A good life'). The students waved their hands and looked on with a sense of sadness of parting ways.


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