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 詳しくは「武庫川女子大学附属図書館 利用案内」をご参照ください。


The Central Library was used to teach Nishinomiya Studies I at Nishinomiya Higashi High School.


On 11th of July, Nishinomiya Higashi High School held a 'Nishinomiya Studies I' class at the Central Library, where about 40 first-year students used the library's materials to gather information and deepen their studies.

The library runs an 'Open Library' for students living in Nishinomiya City and junior high and high schools in Nishinomiya City, where eligible junior high and high school students can study on their own using the materials and environment of the central library. About 100 students register and use the library every year, but in order to further increase the use of the library, we called on Nishinomiya Higashi High School, the nearest high school to our university, for the opportunity for this class to take place.

After a series of meetings and visits with the school's teachers since December last year, it was decided to hold an inquiry activity in the Nishinomiya Studies I class for first-year students at Nishinomiya Higashi High School.

In the afternoon of the 11th, the high school students gathered at the Global Studio on the 2nd floor of the Central Library and were briefed by library staff on the basics of searching the library collection and how books are arranged on the shelves, before starting their search using keywords they had chosen. Based on the search results, they headed to each floor to select a book. They read the books they had chosen and took notes on the pages they needed, and exchanged information within their groups to gather and organize information for future classes.

At the end of the class, a representative student said: 'Thank you for your preparation. Today's experience was a good opportunity to deepen our future learning".

The library will continue to hold 'Open Library' and accept junior high and high school students living or attending school in Nishinomiya City. Those wishing to use the library are asked to present their student ID card at the main counter of the Central Library.

For details, please refer to the Mukogawa Women's University Library User Guide.



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