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A joint seminar of the Department of Japanese Language and Literature, the Department of Education and the Department of Food Sciences and Nutrition, which works at a children's canteen in Amagasaki, worked with the staff of the children's canteen to make spiced curry at the School Education Building on 25th of July.

The children's cafeteria provides children with a place to stay and eat after school. Since 2018, the University has supported the operation of the children's cafeteria "Mokomoko Club" in Motohama-cho, Amagasaki City.

This year, the students focused on the fact that many people with foreign origins live in Amagasaki City, where the children's cafeteria is located, and that there are many spiced curry restaurants. In order to get children interested in different cultures, they planned to make their own original spiced curry. The students arranged interviews with the curry shops to find out about the process of making the curry and the spices they use. They discussed what kind of curry they wanted to serve to the children, and adjusted the ingredients and quantities and devised a recipe.

On the day of, 22 seminar students were divided into three groups to prepare 'Spinach Curry', 'Keema Curry with Eggplant and Tomato' and 'Non Spicy Chicken Curry with Apples', and tasted the three spiced curries. After the tasting, the students voted using the app, and the eggplant and tomato keema curry came out on top. The children's canteen Mokomoko Club plans to serve curry to children using the students' recipes. The students will also work on creating a map to introduce the curry restaurants they covered in the future.

Akari Takahashi, a third-year student in the Department of Japanese Language and Literature, who was involved in making the curry, says: "I enjoy being involved with a wide range of people and gaining experiences in this joint seminar, which is not often the case in other faculties. Opportunities were limited during the pandemic, so I was pleased to have the chance to participate."

Kaho Sasaki, a fourth-year student at the Department of Food and Nutrition, also shared her thoughts: 'I want the children to taste curry while learning about the cultural differences in the food we eat."

Mieko Kobayashi, representative of the children's cafeteria Mokomoko Club, who cooked the 'Non-spicy Chicken Curry with Apples' with the students, said: "Children love curry, but when we cook it, it tends to taste the same. I think children will be pleased with the slightly unusual curry using chicken and spinach that the students came up with. The use of the children's cafeteria has increased since the pandemic, and we are grateful for the support of the students of Mukogawa Women's University".


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