スポーツマネジメント学科 穐原ゼミの学生が、「甲子園スタイルガイド」で話題のブレイキングダンスを体験取材しました。


English below.


健康・スポーツ科学部スポーツマネジメント学科 穐原寿識准教授のゼミ生が、‘’スポーツのまち甲子園‘’の魅力を紹介するWebガイドブック「甲子園スタイルガイド」で、「ブレイキン」を体験取材。パリオリンピックから正式種目となる「ブレイキン」の魅力や歴史、日本の実力などを記事にまとめ、Webで公開しています。









学生が取材し、運営する「甲子園スタイル」 Instagramはこちらから




Associate Professor Kazunori Akihara of the Department of Sport Management, School of Health and Sport Sciences, and his seminar students reported on their experience of "Breaking" in the Koshien Style Guide, a web-based guidebook that introduces the attractions of Koshien, City of Sports. The article summarizes the charm, history, and Japanese ability of breaking, which will become an official sport at the Paris Olympics, and is now available on the website.

 The Koshien Style Guide is operated by the Koshien Area Revitalization Promotion Council with sports at its core, formed by Nishinomiya City, Hanshin Electric Railway, Mukogawa Women's University, and others. Students act as writers and are in charge of reporting and writing about recommended spots, stores, events, etc. in the Koshien and Naruo areas, as well as producing and publicizing content on social media and other forms of media.

As of this year the Koshien Style Guide shifted to online in 2023, and this is the second edition after the introduction of rain goods for sale at LOFT in Lalaport Koshien in June.

 The article introduces the basic steps of breaking, which the students themselves experienced for the first time, while being taught by a breaking specialist, "Mr. Burger." The article covers dynamic moves such as head and back spins and backflips to highlight the fun element of the sport.


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