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On the 2nd of August, 12 second and third year students of the Department of Business Administration held the final presentation of the "Brush Up ASHIYA Furusato Donation Gift Returns" project, in which they made proposals for improvements in Ashiya City's hometown tax returns and how they should be communicated to the public.    


Ashiya City, which has developed as a residential area, had been facing a challenge in the development of tax returns as there were few products that met the criteria. Since the university and Ashiya City have a comprehensive cooperation agreement, Ashiya City asked the university to propose a new hometown tax return gift that utilizes perspectives of the students.


The students were briefed by Ashiya City officials on the system and structure of Furusato Tax Payment, and divided into three teams to start the project. The students deepened their understanding of the tax returns through a simulated experience using the Furusato Tax Payment portal site. After that, they visited mainly stores that were not registered and picked up new return gift ideas while experiencing firsthand the charms of Ashiya City. In addition, in order to compare the returned goods with those they had picked up, they conducted a questionnaire survey of faculty members, parents of students, and others to confirm the returned goods they usually select and the returned goods of Ashiya City that they are interested in.


 Based on their initial ideas and the results of the survey, the students focused on Ashiya City's fashionable atmosphere, abundance of gourmet foods, and events unique to Ashiya City. They proposed a variety of gift ideas, including an Ashiya exploration tour that included meals and sweets, and tickets for special seats at the Ashiya Summer Carnival. Some teams proposed a set of esthetic experience tickets and assorted baked sweets. They also pointed out that in order to promote Ashiya City's gift returns, it is necessary to bring Ashiya City's "reflective atmosphere" and "luxury character" to the forefront. To this end, the team proposed to use official Instagram, Ashiya City's own special website, and a portal site of department stores to promote the returned goods.


 After the presentations, the students commented, "Through the surveys and fieldwork, I thought that the gift should be 'fashionable and create a special feeling that one cannot usually buy for oneself. It was difficult to think together with everyone about how to express this in the form of returned goods.


Mr. Matsubara, the Ashiya City official in charge of the Project Based Learning said, "We would like to continue to develop a more appealing gift with the suggestions we received from the students as a reference. It would be great if this hands-on learning experience helps the students to think about their future after graduation."


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