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8月のオープンキャンパスは、学生広報スタッフが取材を行い、当日の様子をホームページ「武庫女Style」のブログ(Muko  Log)で公開しています。


オープンキャンパスは明日11日も開催され、 今年度の最後のオープンキャンパスは、9月24日に行われます。




Mukogawa Women's University Open Campus was held on August 10th.


The fourth open campus of the 2023 academic year was held on August 10th at the Chuo Campus, Hama-Koshien Campus (Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences), and Kami-Koshien Campus (Faculty of Architecture).


 Although there were concerns about the weather due to the approaching typhoon No. 6, many high school students, parents, and other visitors came to the event as summer vacations are in full swing. At the opening ceremony held at the Koe Memorial Auditorium, the baton and cheerleading clubs and the mandolin club welcomed the visitors with beautiful and well-coordinated performances and music. The ceremony was followed by an overview of the university, an explanation of the admissions system, and a special talk live performance by students.


After the general briefing, a variety of programs were held, including "Department Programs," in which each department introduced the contents of their studies, "Campus Tours" led by student staff, and a "Consultation Area," where individual interviews were held regarding entrance examinations, scholarships, study abroad, teaching, and employment, among others. The students also toured classrooms and laboratories where lectures and research are actually being conducted.


In the Department of History and Culture, which will officially open its doors in 2024, students were among the first to experience the new department through a mock class, "The Wonder of Clay Figures," and in the Department of English and Global Studies, which will be offering a dual major system in 2024, students of the university introduced their learning experiences at the US branch of the school. In many departments, students presented the results of public-private collaboration projects they are working on as part of their seminar activities, and talked about how they studied for university entrance exams and campus life, with visiting high school students listening intently to their seniors.


The August Open Campus was reported on by the student PR staff, and the day's events are posted on the blog (Muko Log) of the "Mukojo Style" website.


 The Open Campus will be held again tomorrow, on the 11th, and the last Open Campus for this school year will be held on Sunday September 24th.


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