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英語グローバル学科は学生を対象に航空業界セミナー「ANAグループを通してみる〜アフターコロナの航空業界〜」【英語グローバル学科 第3系(ビジネス・コミュニケーション)主催】を7月6日、中央キャンパスで開催しました。




講演後、学生からは、「ANAが掲げる『Inspiration of JAPAN』で表現される日本の心の大切さを学びました」「周囲の変化に気を配り、自分も人も尊重でき、多様性の良さというものを力に変えられる人材になるために、自分には何ができるのか、考えていこうと思います」などの声が聞かれ、航空業界への関心の高さを伺えるセミナーになりました。


The Department of English and Global Studies held an airline industry seminar for students, 'Looking through the ANA Group - Airline Industry Post Pandemic ' organized by the Department of English and Global Studies, Division 3 (Business and Communication), at the Central Campus on 6th of July.


 The lecturer was Ms. Eriko Muramatsu, Chief Researcher at the ANA Research Institute. 156 students from the Department of English and Global Studies attended the event and listened attentively to her lecture on the special characteristics of the airline industry, the ANA Group's initiatives post pandemic and career plans for women. After the 70-minute lecture, a Q&A session was held and Ms Muramatsu gave each student advice on employment. Ms. Muramatsu gave detailed advice to each student on finding a job.


After the lecture, students commented that they had learnt the importance of the Japanese spirit as expressed in ANA's 'Inspiration of JAPAN' and that they would think about what they could do to become assets who can pay attention to changes in their surroundings, respect themselves and others, and turn the good qualities of diversity into strength.


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