本学バレーボール部の坂下さんがコーチを務めた女子バレーボール日本代表が『FISU World University Games Summer』で準優勝しました。


English below. 


本学の坂下麻衣子さん(バレーボール部強化コーチ)がコーチを務めたユニバ女子バレーボール日本代表チームが『FISU World University Games Summer』(主催:国際大学スポーツ連盟、旧ユニバーシアード)で準優勝しました。




坂下コーチは、武庫川女子大学のバレーボール部OGで2007年 JTマーヴェラスに入団し、本学初のプロバレーボール選手となりました。パワフルなアウトサイドヒッター、オポジットとして、女子バレーボール日本代表でも「シン」という愛称で活躍。2016年に現役を引退。2022年から本学バレーボール部強化コーチを努めています。




The Japanese women's volleyball team, coached by Ms. Sakashita of our university's volleyball team, won second place at the FISU World University Games Summer.


The Japanese national women's volleyball team, coached by Maiko Sakashita of the University's volleyball team, won second place at the FISU World University Games Summer (hosted by the International University Sports Federation, formerly Universiade).


The team faced the host country, China, in the final match on August 6. The first and second sets were very close, with the match going to deuce, but the team came out on top with a 0-3 result. It was the first time in two tournaments that a silver medal was won.


Coach Sakashita is an alumna of Mukogawa Women's University's volleyball club and joined JT Marvelous in 2007, becoming the university's first professional volleyball player. She retired from volleyball in 2016, and has been working as a volleyball coach since 2022.


Coach Sakashita commented on this year's tournament, "We had a tough time in the final match due to the level of support the opposing team was getting, but I think we fought with perseverance in a way that is typical of Japan. I learned a lot from the competition, including the pre-match training camp. Many of them are active in the business world, and I felt that their attitude toward training and practice, as well as their high level of communication skills during the games, were representative of the national class. It was also wonderful to be able to cheer on the other competitors during the competition. I would like to make use of this experience in coaching the Mukogawa Women's University volleyball team."


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