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The Faculty of Business Administration is working with Osaka University of Economics on a project to enliven the city of Sumoto through activities using masking tape.


Sumoto City has been involved in 'regional-academic collaboration' between universities and the local community since 2013, and as this year marks the 10th anniversary of this activity, the theme related to 'regional-academic collaboration' was expressed in an eye-catching way using masking tape.


The students were divided into groups of six and seven, a mixture of Mukogawa Women's University and Osaka University of Economics, and have worked on the project a total of six times since the end of August. Online lectures on Sumoto City and on-site training were mainly conducted by Shimatoworks Inc. After choosing a theme and design from the regional university collaboration, the group visited Sumoto City on 1st of September and actually remade walls and glass surfaces with masking tape.


On the 4th, each group gave a presentation in front of officials from both universities and the Work Academy, as well as Sumoto City online. The group, whose theme was the 'Share Horse Project', represented two shelter horses and the sea. The group succeeded in using lines and colors to create an abstract representation of the two horses and the sea, after redesigning the design many times. The group described their achievement as "the experience of working together with other universities to create a single product". The group whose theme was "Shampoo bar using rapeseed oil" expressed rapeseed flowers and bamboo groves strongly with strong and weak lines and diamond shapes. Another team tried to incorporate five different materials, including the off-season 'Kaibori', bamboo forest and castle town, but was unable to come up with a cohesive design, so they narrowed it down to a 'link' between the 'sea, Kaibori and bamboo forest', and a dynamic design was produced.


In addition, fieldwork was conducted with locals and tourists to find out about attractive spots, and a variety of attractive spots were discovered, including Sumoto Castle, libraries and parks. Based on the insights gained through this field experience, plans and proposals for town revitalization are planned to be made to Sumoto City.


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