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 本学からは、小学生以上を対象とした教育学部神原ゼミ(神原一之教授)のゼミ生による「Let’s play algo!!~算数ゲームで遊ぼう!~」と丹嶺学苑研修センターの加治由佳子さんによる「白血病サバイバーが伝授!『普通の毎日を最高に生きる方法』」が提供されました。




The 'Miyakko Seminar' was held at Mukogawa Women's University.


The Miyakko Seminar, organized by Nishinomiya City and the Executive Committee of the NPOs and Other Citizens' Organizations for Public Interest Activities, was held on 27th of  August at Mukogawa Women's University's Central Campus.


 The Miyakko Seminar is a 'school' where learning, inspiration and exchange among citizens take place. It was held for the first time in Nishinomiya City.


 A total of approximately 500 people, from children to the elderly, attended the 42 lectures (50 minutes per lecture), making it an enjoyable day of learning.


 From the University, seminar students from the Kambara Seminar (Prof. Kazuyuki Kambara) of the Faculty of Education presented a lecture entitled 'Let's play algo! ~Let's play maths games! ~' and 'Let’s learn from leukaemia survivors. “How to live an ordinary day to the fullest" by Ms Yukako Kaji of the Tanrei Gakuen Training Center.


 To open the event, the university's brass band performed a saxophone quintet to a children's song, 'Anata ga tadokosasa', and other songs. Shoka and jazz were also performed during lunch.


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