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本学が紹介されているのは学生3人と土佐兄弟による座談会編(日本一の学科数?!関西のマンモス校 武庫川女子大学)、キャンパスで出会った学生のリアルな声をとらえたインタビュー編(女子大ってどんな場所?女子大あるある!武庫川女子大)の2本。








On 30th of August, two videos of Mukogawa Women's University were released on the YouTube channel "Tosa Brothers' Daigaku Dokoiku," in which the comedy duo "Tosa Brothers" visit universities across Japan. In "Daigaku Dokoiku," the Tosa Brothers go undercover to each university and interview students in order to convey the characteristics of the university in an easy-to-understand manner to high school students who are not sure about their future career path. The program is a variety show that conveys the university campus environment in a fun way while talking to students.


The recording took place in June at the central campus. The theme of the discussion was "peeking into a girls talk," and three students from the Department of Informatics and Mediology (currently School of Social Informatics), Faculty of Business Administration, and Faculty of Architecture gathered to talk with the Tosa brothers in a cafe on the first floor of the Koe Memorial Building.


The themes ranged from the characteristics of each department, reasons for entering Mukogawa Women's University, and other topics related to their studies, to "what I'm into these days."


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