「MWU ライターズ・イン・レジデンス2023」で芥川受賞作家の高山羽根子さんが講師を務めました。


English below.


丹嶺学苑研修センターで9月4日、5日の一泊二日、文学部日本語日本文学科が「MWU ライターズ・イン・レジデンス2023(※)」を実施し、学生16人が参加しました。





 学生が書き手(MWU ライター)となって、丹嶺学苑研修センターで1泊2日、仲間たちと寝食をともにしながら(イン・レジデンス)、作品を執筆し、完成を目指す。


Akutagawa Award-winning author Haneko Takayama served as a lecturer at the "MWU Writers in Residence 2023.

On September 4th and 5th, sixteen students participated in the "MWU Writers-in-Residence 2023*" program held by the Department of Japanese Language and Literature of the School of Letters at the Tanrei Gakuen Training Center for an overnight stay of two days and one night.

The guest lecturer was novelist Haneko Takayama, who won the 163rd Akutagawa Prize in 2020 for "Shuri no Ma." The students listened to stories about her path in becoming a novelist, along with other valuable topics related to creative writing.

After the lecture, students were free to write their works in the Tanling Gakuen Training Center, moving to a place where they could concentrate on their creative work. Most of the students tried their hand at fiction writing. Many of them wrote novels for the first time. There was also time to read each other's work, share opinions, and listen to how others felt about it.

*This program is unique to the Department of Japanese Language and Literature of the Faculty of Letters and is open to any student who wishes to participate, regardless of their academic year


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