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"Bungee Exercise for High School Students" held at Mukogawa Women's University Sports Center.

Mukogawa Women's University Sports Center held the event, "Bungee Exercise for High School Students" at the Wellness Center of Mukogawa Women's Station Campus from August 22nd to August 25th.

Bungee Exercise is an activity that uses rubber bands suspended from the ceiling to functionally train the body with a weightless sensation by bouncing, jumping, working out, and going upside down, just like a trampoline.

 This year's event was also a tour of the university facilities for high school students, with a total of 18 participants. The first exercise used a mini trampoline to get them up to speed. During the bungee exercise, some students shouted with delight as they felt a sense of floating that they do not experience in their everyday lives. They gradually got a feel on how to balance on the bungee, and the one-hour event ended with exercises performed to music.


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