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 中央図書館1階で「能楽部×図書館 コラボ企画展」を開催しています。













 「能楽部×図書館 コラボ企画展」は、中央図書館1階で、10月3日まで開催しています。


Nohgaku Club held a workshop at the Central Library. International students tried their hand at the Japanese traditional dance "Takasago". The "Nohgaku Club x Library Collaborative Exhibition" is being held on the first floor of the Central Library.

 This is the third collaboration project with the alumni association that the library has conducted this year. A panel exhibition on "Nohgaku" is set up between the shelves of "Literature Awards" and "Picture Books" facing the aisles, explaining "Noh" from seven different perspectives and showing emotional expressions of kata (movements) with pictures. Many visitors try their hand at a quiz in which they are asked to arrange Noh masks in order of age.

  On the afternoon of September 27, the workshop "Behind the Noh Masks: Experiencing Japan's Three Great Classical Performing Arts, Noh" was held in the Global Studio on the 2nd floor, and international exchange students Caitlin Bezant and Alyce Doboulay from Murdoch University, Australia from Murdoch University, Australia, participated in the workshop.

 The workshop consisted of a performance of the shimai "Takasago" together. At first, Ms. Saki Fujikawa (freshman, Department of Japanese Language and Literature), a member of the Noh Department, gave a brief overview of Noh, its costumes, masks, and movement patterns, and a lecture on how to take a fan used in the shimai dance and open it, how to stand in a basic position, and how to advance with a suri-step.

 The international students first watched the shimai performed by Ms. Fujikawa, then stood up from their seated poses and moved with her, asking her which way to go, where to look, etc. They also learned how to recognize the position on the stage. They also deepened their understanding of the dance by using a schematic diagram showing their positions on the stage and hearing an explanation of where on the stage they would move toward the audience in the next movement.

 After learning all the movements, they danced through "Takasago" at a slower tempo than usual. Chihiro Higashi (junior, Department of Applied Music) and Machiko Shirakawa (Noh Club OG), members of the Noh Club, participated in the shimai as jiuta. After finishing the shimai, the international students expressed their relief, saying, "It was difficult...."

 Ms. Shirakawa, who was watching the two performers, commented, "Even though it was their first time, they were able to move very well. Perhaps it was good that they were able to move without any preconceptions."


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