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  Mukogawa Women's University has concluded a comprehensive partnership agreement with the town of Taki in Mie Prefecture, and a signing ceremony was held at the Taki Town Hall on September 29.

 Under the agreement, they will combine forces in several areas, including community development, promotion of education, culture, and industry, and human resource development, aiming to contribute to the develop pment of the local community and improvement of education and research.

 In 2021, students from the Faculty of Business Administration visited Taki Town for Project Based Learning. Since then, with the support of the town office and members of the local community, the students have been involved in activities such as examining hometown tax return gifts and tourism promotion measures, making proposals from the students' perspective, and communicating the town's attractions in the Hanshin area. It has been reported that the number of hometown tax payments from residents in Hyogo Prefecture has been increasing. With the conclusion of the comprehensive partnership agreement, in addition to the School of Business Administration, the university expects to collaborate in various academic fields as a women's comprehensive university.

 This is the ninth comprehensive partnership agreement between the university and a local government.

 Upon signing the agreement, Mayor Yukio Kubo said, "In addition to attracting companies and addressing the declining birthrate and aging population, we have been focusing on hometown tax return gifts to let people know the good features of 'food'. We hope to further develop the town by promoting exchanges between students and local residents through the conclusion of the comprehensive cooperation agreement," said Akira Otsubo, Director of the Office of Education, Research and Social Cooperation, who attended on behalf of President Kazuyoshi Seguchi. "We have been provided with opportunities for valuable experiences that are not available in urban areas, such as the dismantling of wild game while learning about measures against harmful beasts and methods for processing meat. After the conclusion of the agreement, we would like to further promote exchanges and contribute to the local community by promoting local wellbeing, etc." The two sides exchanged greetings and signed the agreement.


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