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Professor Joseph Lenti of Eastern Washington University (EWU) gave a public lecture.

The Kusaka-Fosseen Distinguished Professorship Exchange program (*1), which was suspended from FY2020 due to the pandemic, has resumed after four years, and Professor Joseph Lenti of Eastern Washington University (EWU) (*2) gave a public lecture on October 6th in the university's Multimedia Hall.
The lecture was entitled "Informal Cities of the World: Historical Antecedents and Contemporary Challenges." He introduced historical background and case studies of slums and the living conditions of the poor in Mexico, Costa Rica, the U.S., and other countries, and also explained the current situation and analysis of poverty-stricken areas and homelessness in Japan.

At the end of the lecture, Professor Lenti said, "I am honored to have been able to lecture at Mukogawa Women's University, which has a wonderful environment, and to have so many people listen to my lecture."

 A student from the Department of Health and Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences in the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences who attended the lecture said, "The lecture was all in English, so it was difficult for me to understand some parts of it. I thought that slums were a foreign phenomenon, but it was interesting to learn that there is a similar phenomenon in the Kansai region. I was impressed by the examples of slum areas overseas where cleanup activities were conducted, streets were cleaned, and public safety was improved," said one student.

 *1... The Kusaka-Fosseen Distinguished Professorship Exchange program is a program established in 1995 through the Kusaka-Fossine International Exchange Professorship Fund, under which the two universities send one faculty member each year to give lectures and conduct joint research.

 *2...Eastern Washington University (EWU) is a state university located in Cheyney, Washington.





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