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The 42nd "Day of the School Founders". An event was held to honor the founder of Mukogawa Gakuin, Mr. Kiichiro Koe.


On the morning of October 6th, events were held at Mukogawa Women's University Central Campus, the affiliated junior high and high school, the affiliated kindergarten, and the affiliated nursery schools to honor the memory of Kiichiro Koe, the founder of Mukogawa Gakuin.

 Since Mr. Koe passed away on September 6th, 1981, and his funeral was held on October 6th, the institute has designated this day as the "Day of the School Founders". This year marked the 42nd anniversary.

 The commemorative event at the university was held in the Koe Memorial Hall's founder's room. Ryo Okawara, the chancellor of the institute, said, "Mr. Koe founded the institute at the age of 42, and overcame many difficulties and devoted himself to the development of the institute for 42 years. I am deeply moved by the fact that 42 years have passed since then. I am grateful for the development of Mukogawa Gakuin thanks to the efforts of the faculty, staff, and board members." He also said, "We will promote a 'new Mukojo Education' toward the 100th anniversary of the founding of the institute, which will be celebrated in 16 years. There is a saying that difficulties strengthen people and organizations. We will continue to face many difficulties, but we will overcome them and make Mukogawa a wonderful university."

 It is customary to listen to a recording of Dr. Koe's voice on "School Founders' Day." This year, we excerpted and replayed his speech from the 1974 National Federation for the Promotion of State Aid (NFAS) rally. The attendees listened to Dr. Koe's empowering voice.

In the afternoon, the participants visited Dr. Koe's grave at Nishinomiya Manchidani Cemetery, where the Koe family gravesite is located, and at the same time, a memorial service for the deceased related to the institute was held at Konnouji Temple.


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