武庫川女子大学×日清シスコ 未来プロジェクトメンバーが、加藤産業グループ総合食品展示会で考案レシピの試食提供を行いました。


English below. 


 武庫川女子大学×日清シスコ 未来プロジェクトメンバーは、総合食品卸売業の加藤産業(本社・西宮市)が9月13~15日の3日間、神戸国際展示場で開催した「第126回 2023秋季加藤産業グループ総合食品展示会」で、日清シスコと加藤産業の自社商品を使用した考案レシピの試食提供を行いました。


 展示会には、全国の食品、菓子、低温、酒類のメーカー計416社が 出展し、同社の得意先企業約600社が来場しました。











Mukogawa Women's University x Nissin Cisco Future Project members served tastings of recipes created using Nissin Cisco and Kato Sangyo's own products at the 126th 2023 Autumn Kato Sangyo Group Food Exhibition, held at the Kobe International Exhibition Hall from September 13th to 15th by Kato Sangyo, a general food wholesaler (head office: Nishinomiya City).


 A total of 416 manufacturers of food products, confectioneries, refrigerated foods, and alcoholic beverages from all over Japan exhibited at the exhibition, which was attended by approximately 600 companies that are clients of Nissin Cisco.

 This time, the Future Project members devised new recipes using "New Rice" and "New Bread," which Nissin Cisco launched in September of this year, as well as jam and seasoned seaweed from Kato Sangyo's own brand, Kanpy. Ten recipes were proposed for the "New Rice" and four for the "New Bread," and at the exhibition, "Yaki Onigiri" and "French Toast" were offered for tasting.

 The "rice + jam" challenge was a difficult one, but the "miso jam," a mixture of miso and citrus jam, was devised, and the sweet and spicy savory grilled rice balls were very well received by those who tasted them. In the interview section, members of the Future Project shared the difficulties they faced in devising the recipe.

  Mukogawa Women's University and Nissin Cisco signed an agreement on comprehensive collaboration and cooperation back in October 2022, and are working to implement industry-university collaborative activities through food, health, and SDGs, to cultivate people with initiative through symbiotic effects, and to develop new products through joint research.



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