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観光客や通勤通学客が行き交う近鉄奈良駅改札階に10月末、本学の電照看板が2面、登場しました。MUKOJO ACTIONのメーンビジュアルとともに12学部20学科の学びの領域と保育園から大学院に至る学院の規模感を表現。改札口に向かう人の流れの導線上にあり、鮮やかなえんじ色が目を引きます。

近鉄奈良駅は一日乗降人数が約49000人(2022年近畿日本鉄道調べ)。阪神なんば線が2009年3月に尼崎駅から大阪難波駅まで延伸して近鉄奈良線へ乗り入れたことで、本学の最寄駅 阪神「鳴尾・武庫川女子大前」駅と近鉄奈良駅は乗り換えなしでつながりました。通学の利便性向上に伴い、奈良からの進学者も増えています。看板の周辺はカフェや土産物店があり、外国人観光客らの姿も目立つ賑わいスポットになっています。

Double-sided signboards of Mukogawa Women's University were put up at Kintetsu Nara Station.

At the end of October, two illuminated billboards of the university appeared on the ticket gate floor of Kintetsu Nara Station, where tourists and commuters come and go, depicting the main visual of MUKOJO ACTION, as well as the areas of study of the university's 12 faculties and 20 departments and the scale of the university from nursery school to graduate school. The bright red color of the billboards is eye-catching, as they are located along the flow of people heading for the ticket gates.

Kintetsu Nara Station has approximately 49,000 passengers per day (based on Kinki Nippon Railway's survey in 2022). In March 2009, the Hanshin Namba Line was extended from Amagasaki Station to Osaka Namba Station to connect to the Kintetsu Nara Line, connecting the university's nearest station, Hanshin Naruo-Mukogawa Women's University Station, to Kintetsu Nara Station without changing trains. With the improved convenience of commuting, the number of students from Nara who go on to higher education is on the rise. Around the sign are cafes and souvenir stores, and the area has become a popular spot for visiting travelers from abroad.


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