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 「全国ゼミ対抗商品企画コンテスト(Sカレ)」(の秋カン(中間プレゼン)で、武庫川女子大学経営学科高橋千枝子ゼミの「BEER MEチーム」が、コンセプト・テーマ1位を獲得しました。


 Sカレ(Student Innovation College)は、実際に商品化を目指す全国ゼミ対抗の商品企画プロジェクトで、本年度は32大学38ゼミ計552人の大学3年生が、ゼミ対抗で、9つの企業が提示する商品企画テーマに取り組んでいます。高橋ゼミからは3年生12人が参加しています。

 全チームがコンセプト発表する「秋カン」(中間プレゼン)が10月14日、オンラインで開催され、サッポロビールが提示したテーマ「Z世代が共感!ストーリービール」に企画を提案した18ゼミの中で、レトロをテーマにしたストーリービールを提案した高橋ゼミの「BEER MEチーム」が1位を獲得しました。




The "BEER ME Team" of the Chieko Takahashi Seminar of the Department of Business Administration at Mukogawa Women's University won first place for their concept theme at the Fall Conference ("Mid-term Presentation") of the "National Seminar Product Planning Contest (S-College)" (


 This year, a total of 552 third-year university students from 38 seminars at 32 universities are competing against each other in the Student Innovation College (S-College), a nationwide seminar-based product planning project that aims to actually commercialize products. Twelve third-year students from the Takahashi Seminar are participating in the project.


 The "Autumn Can”, in which all teams present their concepts, was held online on October 14, and the theme presented by Sapporo Beer was "Generation Z ! Story Beer," the Takahashi Seminar's "BEER ME Team" won first place among the 18 seminars that submitted proposals for a retro-themed story beer.


 The winning team will compete with their plan at the "Winter Can" (final presentation) to be held in person at Kinki University in December, and the winning team will receive the rights to commercialize their plan.


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