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公開したのは「アメリカにあるもう一つのキャンパス」、「スポケーンの人々とともに」、「インタビュー編 学生を支える人たち」の3本。






「インタビュー編 学生を支える人たち」ではアメリカ分校の教員やスタッフが次々に登場します。1990年の開校当時から勤務する教務部長のブレンダはインタビューで「この30年余りで日本の学生は活発になり、アメリカの学生と似てきました。情報化が進み、学生たちの関心はよりグローバルになっています」と学生たちの変化をとらえ、「英語力の向上と異文化の中で暮らすことに興味があれば、アメリカ分校は最適の環境です」と呼びかけています。




A series of videos showing the current state of Mukogawa Women's University, U.S. (MUSC) has been completed and is now available on the university website.


The videos were recorded over 10 days in May of this year during the spring semester of the Department of English and Global Studies. The videos can be viewed under "Learning at MUSC" in the "MUSC and Global Education" section of the university's website, or under the slider "Mukogawa Women's University US Campus" at the top of the homepage.


The three videos that have been released are "Another Campus in the U.S.," "The People of Spokane," and "Interviews with the People Who Support the Students."


Of these, "Another Campus in America" is the “Primary" version, which is filled with the charms of the American Campus. Zooming in on the green campus from a drone-photographed panoramic view of the sprawling campus. The camera captures students in and around campus, including classes and dorms. Students enjoy shopping at a market in Spokane, or having a barbecue with a homestay family. Students' comments, such as "I've learned to enjoy talking with locals" and "I've become more outgoing," show their confidence and willingness to try new things.


The "With the People of Spokane" section focuses on the interaction between the students and the simple and friendly people of Spokane. Local elementary school students who visited the Japanese Cultural Center on campus were thrilled to have students dress them in yukata and teach them how to play Japanese games such as kendama. The children enjoy a picnic on the spacious lawn with the students.


In the "Interviews: The People Who Support the Students" section, the faculty and staff of MUSC are introduced one after another, including Brenda, the Director of Academic Affairs who has been with the school since it opened in 1990, who says in an interview, "Over the past 30 years or so, Japanese students have become more active and more like American students. If you are interested in improving your English and living in a different culture, the American campus is the perfect place for you."


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